Visits: Family obligations and a pack of crazy dogs make getting away a little tough, but I’m humbled you would want me to spend time with you, and if I can do it, I’d love to. If I can’t get my physical self to your neighborhood, maybe we can do a Skype or iChat visit, in which case you can meet the obnoxious dogs.

For school, library, conference, bookstore or book club visits, please contact:
Risa Morimoto risa dot morimoto at gmail dot com
Alexis Watts awatts at penguinrandomhouse dot com
Melinda Quick penguinauthorvisits at gmail dot com

Rights inquiries, my  agent:
Jodi Reamer JReamer [at] WritersHouse dot com
Alec Shane AShane [at] WritersHouse dot com

Me: Kindly leave word for me here. Thank you for reaching out to me.

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